Thank you Radhika for supporting me at a critical juncture of my life

Before the program: Design research manager
After the program: Studio lead
Now: Principal design research manager and studio lead
Impact: There were multiple events that culminated into a career boost over last year for me. However one of the most important ones was my own acknowledgment that I want to do more than I was doing, yet feeling stuck and not knowing how to move ahead. That’s when I came across Radhika. Her mentoring and 1:1 connect helped me build my confidence and take positive steps towards rebuilding my career. The biggest takeaway I had from her program was to identify actions that are within one’s control and own them up.
Prachi Sakhardande
Prachi Sakhardande
Principal design research manager and studio lead

I admire her passion for CXO incubator

Radhika has been an amazing purpose coach. She is fully committed, sincere and genuine in her approach. Her style of coaching in quite unique , vibrant and interesting. She uses best technique to go down to the root cause and enable people to identify the same in interesting manner. She helped me to find out “missing me”. Both being a banker was added advantage during the coaching session. It’s amazing to see that her calm and composed personality. Her style of coaching is filled with with so many secret techniques to help us take from present level to the level of desired goal. I will strongly recommend her as coach.
Sanjesh Kumar
Sanjesh Kumar
Seasoned Banker I Credit Risk Specialist l CXO Position I Amateur Runner l Amateur Poet

Radhika is an excellent coach and mentor

She has evolved her tools and techniques that are tailored to the objective one is trying to achieve. Her approach to helping you find your core values, really helps you to open doors to possibilities you have not thought of before! By the time you are rewriting the story of your future in a clone exercise, all the tools and nudges have brought you to a place which you didn't think was possible and you move ahead with super clarity.

Truly grateful for Radhika for helping me find myself!”
shilparao 1
Shilpa Rao
Head - AI powered Products & Platforms | Optumera | Strategic Growth Initiatives | Independent Director

Thanks to Radhika for Nurturing the 1st Cohort of CXO Incubator to take the Big Leap

I had joined 1st Cohort of CXO Incubator led by Radhika which commenced on January 29th, 2022 with a 9 week insightful journey connecting the TEAM with divergent experiences across BFSI, IT Transformative Technologies, Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, Fintech’s, Innovation & Strategy etc.

Further monthly interactions with CXO’s gave impetus of sharing Industry-wide experiences recently with Mr. Manikkan, leading one of the country's largest Renewable Energy company on April 23rd, 2022 and earlier with Mr. Sundaresan on March 5th, 2022.

Thanks to Radhika for connecting the 1st Cohort CXO Incubator to nurture the Core Values to take the Big Leap creating an impact as well as giving back to the Society with collaborative sharing of experiences, continual learning, collective wisdom and tangible outcomes.

Wish You all the very Best Radhika for successful Mission of empowering Professionals with CXO Incubator Program.
Y Srinivas
Y Srinivas, M.IOD
Certified Corporate Director, Institute of Directors Director, K2K Fintech Solutions Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, SRS Fintech Labs (OxyLoans -P2P-NBFC)

Being part of the first Cohort of CXO Incubator has been one of the best decisions of my life

Radhika is a wonderful coach with lot of insights on how to build your niche, I would personally recommend Radhika as a coach both as part of CXO Incubator or even as a personal coach she is wonderful in what she does. It's quiet difficult to find someone who can coach you with so much of passion and guide you to take up the right path, at any point in life if you are looking for a career coach Radhika should be on the TOP List. The well designed CXO Incubator is one of the most recommended course of all Mid-Career Professionals who are looking for a great career transition and not aware on how to move forward.
Satyashree Vybhav
Project Manager | Head Of Operations | Startup Specialist | Customer Engagement & Retention | Operations Excellence | Mentor | People LeadershiP

CXO Incubator was an eye-opening program

It has literally changed my perspectives on many aspects of life, including career. Radhika's vast experience in coaching presents itself during the sessions with plenitude of insights and relatable stories that are forever etched in our minds. Just like sports people need a coach, everyone who wants to build their careers or dreams needs one to fine tune their craft. And, Radhika is the finest and most suited coach for it! Thank you, Radhika.
Suchitra V
Suchitra V
QA Automation Lead | Consultant | Financial Services

Radhika is very passionate about her CXO Incubator Initiative

Radhika, has definitely helped to understand my Core Value and blue print to navigate myself in my personal and professional path , the 9 weeks program was enriching and filled with fun ! She is amazing coach and mentor!

She is very much passionate about the her initiative CXO Incubator cohorts , Wishing her best towards the journey and purpose of helping professionals!!
artee anshu
| Loan Underwritting | NPA Control & Management | Credit Policy Drafting & Implementation | Digital Loan |

Thanks Radhika, for acting as a great sound board and building a tribe of like-minded professionals, who act as a great support system

Radhika is an excellent purpose coach, who genuinely takes effort in helping people to understand themselves better. One of my key discoveries during her interactions in the CXO Incubator program has been on core values and aligning purpose with the core values. Very active and has an imitable style of storytelling and application of tools and techniques to discover our strengths and opportunities of improvement. Consistency and quality of CxO incubator is best in class., and follow through post the sessions in systematic manner to ensure value delivery has been exemplary.

Radhika has been a great sound -board , where she patiently listens without any prejudice and helps the speaker to sieve the husk and grain, and brings in clarity through questions which makes one to ponder - think and generate answers that are relevant to them., contextually.

Wishing you all the very best in your endeavor to empower 100,000 dynamic professionals and create their legacy.
Business Analytics & Digital Transformation Leader | Design Thinking | AI &ML | Program Execution & Governance | Agile

I must say that I am amazed by her clarity of thought and purpose!

Having known Radhika for about 6 months now, She has been one of the most powerful coaches that I have encountered! She is living her purpose and will stretch herself to achieve it! She works with the CXO Incubator cohorts in a progressive way, making them ready to face the world. Wishing her a fast-paced journey towards achieving her purpose of helping 100,000 professionals!!
Vaibhav Kulkarni
Works Head at Marico Limited

Thank You for creating the CXO incubator platform

When your passion meets your purpose, you can move mountains. While most of the Mid Year Professionals move with the flow, few dare to change the speed and/or direction of that. I joined cohort-based coaching with the CXO incubator program with Radhika's purpose-driven coaching. Through this, I was able to connect my own dots as most of the time it's creating your vision and walking on that path. With specific tools, we can measure and we can achieve what we seek as most of the time we have all the ingredients but no recipe. I recommend the mid-year professionals who are walking on Autopilot mode to connect with Radhika and get your life in your hand and redirect with the right speed which only you would be knowing. Best Wishes!
Nitesh Shah
Nitesh Shah
Deputy General Manager | Automotive | Optics | Leadership | Technology & Innovation Management

Her coaching style is very innovative

I meet Radhika on Linked in through my professional network. She gets into micro details of your career interest to help you overcome the challenges you are facing to reach your goals. The course CXO incubator is designed in such a way that, it made me look back at what are my achievements and failures from my childhood till today and what is that you need to focus on to reach your future goals. It gave me a clear picture of what I am today, what I want to achieve and more importantly why I want to achieve it. Thanks, Radhika for giving me an opportunity to be part of the journey it was worth spending time over weekends and it has made a big impact on my personal as well as professional behaviors.
mahadev mittu
Mahadev mittu
Manager R&D | Project Management | Value Engineering | Member SAVE organization | Reliability Practioner | Six Sigma Green belt certified |, Low voltage switch gear design & Development

She is a true believer and can see the strengths even if you are still discovering your path

Radhika is an amazing person and her efforts to introduce a new innovative program CXO incubator is remarkable. I had been part of 1st cohort and was glad to know her as my Coach. She has a long-span corporate career and has very rich experience which helped too as she could guide us whenever I needed real insights. She is very calm and speaks with humility. Yet she can bring synergy to 100+ groups with such ease.
somya baral
Somya Baral
Electronic Trading Support at Credit Suisse | Ex-JPMorgan | DevOps

Radhika coached us on how to overpower our minds to make it happen!

I am following Radhika on LinkedIn for a long period. I came to know her personally when I was part of the CXO Incubator program. The program helped me understand myself better. I was able to refine my goals as per my interests and strengths. This program helped me in making better decisions in my life. This program impacts all phases of life- personal, career, and academic. Radhika is a powerful coach, she makes you do tasks. She is like the caring sister who will make you set higher targets and achieve new limits. Radhika introduced me to the tools to be transparent to myself. The cohort comprises people from different backgrounds, creating a diverse and dynamic learning experience.

Radhika is creating a generation of leaders who live their lives to the fullest.

Thank you, Radhika for re-introducing the world to me!
Mohit Kanwar
Mohit kanwar
Fintech | Banking | Design Thinking | Solution Architect | Agile | Technical Coach | Trainer

Radhika's determination in helping you put the pieces of the puzzle in the right place is one of her key positive attributes

I met and started working with Radhika in October 2021.

That was a very low point in my life in terms of my career; I had been out of the corporate space for more than 2 years, during which I established a small private coaching practice - which is still running, and I enjoy it - but I was struggling with financial stability. I had decided to look for a job, but couldn't identify what I was exactly looking for. During my work with Radhika, she helped me realize my dual desires. Firstly, pursuing what I enjoy (my coaching practice).

Secondly, the importance of a corporate job and financial security. She pointed to the significance of the need to practice managing my time & resources efficiently, to fulfill both of these desires. Add to this a lot more deep work I did with her support. Fast forward 3 months, I've very recently signed the offer letter for a role that meets most of my criteria, whilst I plan to continue coaching my clients over the weekend. This is a HUGE achievement for me, and only I know how far I have come in this pursuit, with my commitment, and Radhika's support.

Radhika's determination in helping you put the pieces of the puzzle in the right place is one of her key positive attributes. She will not hold back on what she can offer you, allowing you to see what's holding you back, working to figure out how to make sustainable changes, all whilst highlighting your strengths.

I thank you for your support & help Radhika, and for being a great cheerleader.”
Assistant Director | ICF Certified Human Potential Coach CHPC | L3 PT

Radhika has a strong skill to tell you what’s missing…

Suchitra V batch 2- It was a very interesting moment that this program came up on my LinkedIn feed, when I was feeling completely hopeless. This program helped me realize that what was stopping me was actually myself. It made my perception clear about having a vision, and putting actionable steps day by day to reach goals. Radhika has got this very strong skill, where she can very powerfully tell what exactly you are missing. She enabled me to grab better opportunities for myself, and not just give in to others’ advice without judging it thoroughly.

I found my Purpose through this program!

Piyush Bhambre Batch 2- I was stuck in a job related problem of leading my team ahead when I came across the 7 Day challenge which Radhika had to offer. I completed the 7 day journey and knew for sure that I would get a lot from this platform. This program has been an eye opener for me. It made me realize that Success isn’t just about career, it is a rather holistic approach, involving love, health, and wealth as well. I found my purpose through this program! Thank you Radhika, for this wonderful journey!

I would have regretted not joining this program!

Rohit Gupta Batch 2- Covid had us all searching for some kind of online course, skill building workshops etc. I too shortlisted many programs, but none stuck, and somehow I found Radhika on LinkedIn with the 7 Day Challenge! This Program has changed my life forever. It changed my basic mindset. I would have definitely regretted not joining this course! It changed my perception of life, family and profession as well. I recommend this course over any Degree program! Thank you Radhika for conducting this program!

It’s been a Game Changer for me!

Anil Bahl- The course was very interesting, and I have taken tremendous learning from it. I felt the need to contribute more to Society moving forward, but was feeling a vacuum in being able to do so. This program has been a Game Changer for me personally, internally and externally with respect to work, and how I can build a brand, and propel myself into the greater future. It’s been an incredible journey, and I made some many friends here, and an Proud of being here, and a part of the CXO Community! Thank you Radhika!

This helped me exit my comfort zone

Vaibhav Kulkarni- This is the biggest value investing course anyone can do! It unlocks an exponential growth potential in you. This program has completely changed my mindset. It helped me get out of my comfort zone. Thank You Radhika for this amazing opportunity!

It helped me think about my Unlived life!

Abhinav Kolhe- This was a journey worth taking, and believing in. It will always be near and dear to my heart. I have realized that I have to contribute more towards the community. I have learnt to start thinking about living my unlived life, and take steps to make that happen. Thank you so much Radhika, and team! I appreciate your ideas and your help! Thank you!

This happened to me at the Perfect time in my life!

Nirav Sanghavi- I have understood my core values, which will help me further focus down my energy. It has made my actions very progressive towards my Unlived life. It helped me position myself correctly in the World. Thank you Radhika for all the guidance! You are truly amazing!

Radhika is simply incredible!

Sridhar Ramaswamy- It has been an amazing journey over the past nine weeks! I have learnt a lot of things, essentially in terms of having clarity in life, creating a vision for yourself, and taking simple steps to accomplish them. Thank You Radhika for facilitating this journey throughout! You were simply incredible!

The manner in which you have arranged this program is overwhelming!

Samresh Kumar- As an impulsive decision maker, I took the decision to do this program within a fraction of seconds. And I hold no regrets at all. I am taking great learnings and moreover, great friends who are the future CXOs. Thanks Radhika for all the support! The manner in which you have arranged this program is overwhelming! Thank you so much!

An Intrapreneur with a Purpose

Shilpa Rao, Head of AI with India's one of the largest Tech companies who is an Intrapreneur and passionate about multiple causes discovered her true calling and purpose during her journey with us.

Discovered the "Missing Me"

Sanjesh Kumar, EVP-Federal Bank heads the Credit Risk for the Bank. After years of experience and being a high performer he was feeling a sense of void in his leadership path. He discovered his creativity, the missing part of him that is actually his strength and he has carved his path to leadership.

An Operational head and Start up expert at a young age

Vybhav - an enthusiastic, strategic thinker and someone who cares, an expert in the startup space who found his true calling and took the leap to his next level. Proud to have him as part of CXO Incubator Community.

Motherhood is a boon, she is a here to create impact

Madhulika, Institutional Sales head, a mother of 3 and a purposeful woman who redesigned and recreated her path to CXO through the 9 weeks. As a Leader, she has designed her path to create Impact

My Greatest Investment

Somya Baral, an passionate innovator discovered his niche, his potential and his why and carved his path to creating his journey to being that impactful leader.

Continuous Mentoring helps

Mohit Kanwar, Principal Consultant with Xebia shares his journey with CXO Incubator where he discovers his why, identifies his niche, designs his road map to CXO.

Grateful I took the plunge

Komal Khullar, Deputy Vice President leading the sales and distribution services for a Financial Services company. In the 9 weeks she moved from a state of confusion to obtaining absolute clarity on her goals, her path, the internal challenges & crossing over the limiting beliefs and increasing self worth.

I have designed my Road Map that I could not do in last 1 year

Deepak Malavade, a veteran from the corporate world, who after having over 30 years work experience in the Middle East had started walking his path to be an entrepreneur in the last one year. He enrolled in multiple courses, but it was at CXO incubator that he discovered his true self, his core values and his why. Today, he has carved out his niche in IT Cyber Security. He was able to design his 5-year plan that has helped him secure new projects

Found a New Perspective on Life

Parasnath Singh is a Project Manager at Jio Fiber who connected with Radhika after feeling a need for change in terms of Career Transformation. After going through the 7 weeks challenge, Paras made a breakthrough which gave him a fresh perspective on life.

Radhika balakrishnan CTA

Transform Your Career and Watch it Soar to New Heights

The success you envision is within your reach. Own it by taking action today!